Tips On How To Reduce 18 Wheeler Accident

Nowadays, there are several cases of 18 wheelers getting involved in fatal or near-fatal road accidents. In most of the cases, the vehicles involved bursting into flames and reduced to ashes. Go online for the statistics of 18 wheeler road accidents. Road accident can lead to numerous unwanted consequences including, court cases, permanent injuries, loss of lives loss of earnings and even jail term. Click here to see more of the consequences. It’s advisable and important for an individual or a business entity to do everything to avoid such a situation. Here are some of the preventative measures for an 18 wheeler accidents.

Hiring qualified, experienced drivers with clean record

Hiring qualified expert drivers with a proven clean record of road worthiness is the key to reducing 18wheeler accidents. Recruitment and hiring and training process should be streamlined to weed out drivers who aren’t competent enough to sit behind the wheel. Go online for more on recruitment and hiring.

Maintenance and repair of vehicles

Carrying out regular maintenance of the vehicles can help keep them in good condition. Most accidents happen as a result of a mechanical fault that could have been eliminated had proper and timely maintenance been done. Visit the site to read more about this.

Improving the drivers working terms

Statistics shows that several accidents are as a result human error. At times, this can be caused by fatigue, lack of concentration, poor visibility or stress. This can be eliminated by improving drivers working conditions like allowing them to have enough rest after a long journey. Read more on how to improve long wheeler drivers working conditions.

Refresher road safety courses

Timely reminders are very helpful especially to long distance 18 wheeler drivers. Short refresher courses on road safety can help remind them of what they might have forgotten. There are lots of things worth taking care of as one drive. These include deadly curves, fog, rain, snow, road rage among others. Click here for road safety refresher courses.

Random inspections

Random inspection and supervision should also be carried out to tame reckless driving. Some drivers like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and thus pose a danger to other road users.