Why You Need an Attorney To Handle Your Alcohol Charges

Many people believe that alcohol plays a significant role in the commission of several crimes that aren’t classed as "alcohol-related." However, four offenses are directly related to alcohol and are referred to as alcohol-related offences. These include driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), minor in possession of alcohol and open container and public intoxication. DWI is the most dangerous of the four offenses and carries severe penalties. Laws about minor in possession are meant to enlighten the underage about the potential dangers associated with drinking. Open container laws vary by local ordinance and state serve numerous purposes such as prevention of drunk driving. Then there are laws prohibiting public intoxication and are intended to prevent offenders from harming or disturbing others in public places. As you can see, several alcohol charges can easily land you in jail or make you pay a hefty fine. It’s only an expert attorney that is well placed to handle such accusations.

Law is complex
Have you ever heard that law is an ass? Yes! An innocent act of sending a minor to buy you alcohol can land you in trouble. If you are not a lawyer, you most probably wouldn’t know how to challenge expertly suchlike allegations. The truth is that even expert lawyers don’t represent themselves in courts. Visit this site and read more on bizarre court penalties on what seem like a negligible alcohol offence. 

Not having an attorney might cost you more Try and evaluate what is at stake before making a decision on whether to hire an attorney or not. A serious alcohol offense may determine whether or not you spend a good part of your life behind bars. How much money can you make while serving a sentence in prison? Hiring a competent attorney at a reasonable fee is thus a reasonable option. 

Legal representation enhances your confidence
You are significantly disadvantaged when squaring it off against opposing counsel. As explained earlier, the law is complicated and an attorney can turn table and ensure victory to a serious alcohol charge that you had already lost hope. Visit this site or click here on how legal representation is good for you when accused of alcohol offence.